Selected Femme

Selected Femme is all about pared down elegance rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic. All collections are inspired by iconic women of the past mixed with the essence of the present. The silhouettes are cool but feminine. They are simple yet bold. A series of beautifully constructed and versatile pieces all thoughtfully crafted from high quality fabrics, including a range of styles made from more sustainable fibres.

“We believe we can drive positive change in the way we design and source selected products. That is also why

we have placed sustainability as one of our core values. With the utmost concern for premium quality, our expert team of buyers and designers take an uncompromising approach to fabric selection. The environmental impact of our garments starts with the choice of raw materials – specifically, with more sustainable fibres as the inception of our sustainability journey. To us, a quality piece of fashion is built with the relentless pursuit of the most sustainable fibre option. Same level of quality fashion, just more sustainable”.