We are 2 today!!

We cannot believe we opened the door to our beautiful boutique for the first time 2 years ago back in March 2019. A dream come true and a very surreal moment.

For those who don't know the Will & Ward story we are a mother and daughter run business. We both have many years of experience in Fashion Buying, Retail, Design, Marketing and Management which was one of the reasons we decided to start our venture along with the fact that we both love clothes and love making people look and feel a million dollars.

Sometimes you are better off not knowing what lies ahead and as we started our second year we were completely unaware that we would only be open for 5 months out of the twelve! Crazy to think that if we'd have known we probably wouldn't have ventured on!

We always try to be positive, upbeat and forward thinking so just after a year of opening and a month into the first lockdown we moved our business online to which has given us a fabulous platform to showcase our edit of curated collections to the world. Something that could never have been accomplished with our the help of Andrea's Son - Beth's Brother. We will always be grateful for his skills and patience.

Since opening we have had a great support from our lovely customers and obviously we wouldn't be here today without your continued a huge thank you for choosing to shop with us, you really do make our day and bring a smile to our faces. We love seeing you excited with your purchases. This is what makes us truly happy.

Some of the highlights since opening in 2019 are the Fashion Shows and girls nights hosted in the shop. Something that will continue to happen as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our buying trips to London and Copenhagen in the first year were great. To see the trade shows and all the new and up and coming designers is amazing and we can't wait to be able to get back out there and see exciting things.

Our business is managed just by us, there are no external teams, apart from the help of our family members (sorry guys, but we really couldn't do it with out you all.) We do it all from the cleaning to the invoices and like any business there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, not just the normal 9-5 hours.

The one thing we are looking forward to in the years ahead is growing our business and team. Offering a shopping experience in the boutique that is special and memorable. We are also looking forward to increasing the website, to continue curating beautiful clothes and accessories for the whole world to shop. We are thinking BIG! Because why not!!

Thanks as always for your continued support of our Female Founded Business.

Lots of Love,

Andrea and Beth xxx