New Brand Alert - Pink City Prints


We wanted to introduce our new brand for SS20, Pink City Prints as we unfortunately didn't get the chance to when it landed at the boutique.

We are genuinely really excited to launch this brand, each piece is individually hand crafted in the Pink City, Jaipur India. An embroidered dress takes three days to complete. Only natural fibres including cotton, hand-loomed khadi cotton and silk are used. Each piece has been worked on by hand whether handspun, printed or embroidered. The hand-work brings life and a unique quality to the clothing.

“India has such an immensely rich culture of craft forms I’m constantly finding new processes to work with. It’s so inspirational, my senses are alive and I find beauty everywhere but craft is dying out, we must do all we can to use and promote them.“

Molly Russel - Founder & Director

Each workshop has been vetted; the employees are treated with care and respect, working eight hour days with three breaks and earning more than double the minimum wage. Each has an open door policy and Molly can visit whenever she likes.

We love how it is a family business and that Molly's mum sends out the web orders and answers emails from her cottage in Cumbria.

We hope you love the brand as much as us and enjoy wearing your Pink City Prints dress!  You will notice we love blue and you will see many shades of it in our hand-picked collection. There is nothing not to like about these beauties, we absolutely love them all.