Munthe SS21 Lookbook | Sailor Tailor first drop has arrived!!!

The Munthe SS21 collection is inspired by life at sea, taking in fresh air, sunshine and the open ocean. It is fearless, playful and nostalgic influenced by the sailing scene and cultures. The collection really has the seaworthy look; wavy stripes, fisherman knits, sailor collars - but also an era when people dressed up to travel.

From sailor tattoo prints, to robe motifs, to wide-leg sailor pants, to feminine fisherman sweaters to the classic sailor-style peacoat, double breasted and made from excellent, heavy virgin wool in a night blue shade. 

A modern woman’s style is now more versatile than ever - allowing us to combine elegance and structure all within the same outfit. SS21 is again all about embracing borrowing from menswear to achieve that effortless, minimalistic yet feminine look. 

Sustainability thinking and social responsibility is a natural part of everything we do. The first step to achieving sustainability always has to start with the designers at the drawing board. Using the best raw fabric is Munthe's first step and we are proud to be stocking a collection where 65% of products are made from sustainable fabrics.

Take a look at the collection for yourself and pre-order your favourites from today...