Care For Fashion

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 by Martin Luginer and Frej Leuenhaupt, meet new brand to The Dressing Room, Steamery Stockholm. Combining their background in fashion, high technology and their sustainable values, the brand was born. Their key motto 'invest in pieces you love and make them last' is why we have fallen in love with them. 

'Invest in clothes you love and make them last longer'

Steaming has been an obvious part of the Fashion Industry and is always important before clothing and collections go out onto the shop floor. As soon as we saw this brand, we knew this would be a must have for us and our customers.

Why & How to Steam?

Steaming is a gentle and easy way to take care of your clothing, especially in our busy, on the go lives. Steaming causes the fibres to swell leaving your clothes wrinkle free. An easy glide onto the garments will help you freshen your clothing daily and between use. It can also enhance the colour and make the fabric feel thicker. Using a steamer also helps to refresh your clothes which means less washing  - less work for us and also less water wastage. Included in with the steamer comes a detachable fabric brush which is ideal for steaming delicate fabrics such as silk and viscose. 

The Pilo Fabric Shaver

De-bobble your knitwear with the amazing Pilo Fabric Shaver! The small but powerful tool to giving your knitwear and jumpers a new lease of life. It is twice as powerful as a regular lint shaver but ever so gentle on fabrics. This tool is specially good for your cashmere, merino and alpaca jumpers. It's also very easy to use.

Looking After Your Clothes

Garments that have lost their shape and colour are often not worn out but washed out. Please always follow the care labels and instructions that are provided for you. Steamery is all about washing as little as possible so they do not lose their shape and original state.

A little guide from Steamery to help you on your way:

1. Wash all your woollen sweaters, scarves, cardigans with Delicate Wash. Give them a round with the Pilo Fabric Shaver before putting them away for spring/summer. 

2. Get your spring/summer wardrobe out! Steam your jackets, dresses and blouses and refresh them.

3. Use the Pilo Fabric Shaver on your couch, wool blankets and pillows. It will make them look like new again.  

4. Steam your curtains to freshen them up.