Week 3 : A More Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

This week we wanted to share with you our advice on how to shop responsibly this Christmas. We have been inspired by Just A Card’s Indie Week coming at the end of November, with the purpose of celebrating independent stores, sharing work, stories and communities. They additionally advocate the importance of avoiding Black Friday deals and the fast-purchase culture that comes with it. These next few months, it’s natural for lots of retailers to be encouraging mass buying to stock up on unnecessary bits that people don’t need! But we want to promote a more sustainable gift guide this year, with four simple tips that not only relates to us but our other amazing local businesses in Lytham. 

  1. Buy Ethically – We have already done the research for you here at W&W, making sure all our brands have a strong philanthropic corporate social responsibility. Try to research a bit about where you're buying from and the story behind the brand to make sure it is a long lasting gift. 
  2. Buy Locally – There are plenty local business along Lytham high-street. Whenever you buy independently someone does a little happy dance (I know we definitely do.) It is a great way to profit the local economy and definitely makes a huge difference. Buy second-hand, there are plenty of charity shops around lytham profiting amazing causes. 
  3. Make Something – Use any of your skills to create something personal and unique this year. Bake them a cake. Cook them a meal. Create a self care box filled with all their favourite bits. 
  4. Buy Less – Why not try secret Santa between you and your family or your work team! Try giving experiences this year – go for a memorable day out, take them shopping and go for food and drinks! Our W&W Gift Cards are perfect to give if you don’t know what they need or want…